Welcome to The Sugar Art Fairy! We are a one stop custom cakery proudly serving San Antonio. We offer a full menu of custom cakes and treats to unique products or rentals for your next event.

Meet the Owner

Hi there! I'm Shasta, the proud owner and creative mastermind behind The Sugar Art Fairy. With over a decade of experience in the caking world, I've learned to whip up some truly magical creations. But let me tell you, my journey to becoming a cake artist wasn't always sprinkles and frosting. After completing college, where I honed my skills as a graphic artist, my love for cooking led me down a different path. I started out as a line cook, working diligently until I landed the position of sous chef. Now that was an adventure! However, my time in the kitchen was interrupted, as I decided to embark on a whole new chapter in my life and became a firefighter for five years. During my time as a firefighter, I began making cakes as a hobby, which quickly turned into a passionate side gig as a cake decorator. The more requests for my cakes started pouring in, the more I realized that it was time to fully immerse myself into the world of cake artistry. And so, I made the leap and embraced the world of buttercream and fondant on a full-time basis. I pour my dedication and passion into every single cake that I create. if you're looking for a cake that is not only incredibly delicious but also a true work of art, look no further than The Sugar Art Fairy!